Episode 018

by | Apr 3, 2023

Our guest, Elisabeth Drake, who we kindly call Liz, is a Principal Consultant at CPCS and she leads CPCS Climate Change Desk.

An economist by training, she has more than 18 years of management consulting experience in the transport and infrastructure sectors, in emerging and developed economies. Liz has been with CPCS since 2007, except for two years with the federal Ministry of Transport in Canada. She has managed multiple assignments related to transport decarbonization, including assessment of policy and funding options for transition to electric vehicles.

To learn more about Liz, you can visit her LinkedIn profile.

This interview is broadcast in two parts. In this eighteenth episode Liz addresses the following key questions:

  • Why does climate change matter?
  • When it comes to CO2 emissions, how does the transport sector compares to other sectors?
  • Which types of transport are responsible for the most emissions?
  • What are the main approaches to consider for transport decarbonization ?
  • What are the main challenges for transport decarbonization in Africa?